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SR-100 Audio Rack


Our design mission was to create a simple, classic looking rack using quality materials complemented by ‘high-end’ finishes and aesthetics that also enhances the acoustic performance of our client’s audio equipment.

Based on our research, it was clear to us that non-ferrous metals along with natural materials significantly reduce resonance. The SR-100 rack is built from a combination of aluminium, birch plywood and natural rubber compounds.

The design facilitation approach was to combine physical testing with computer simulation and use several conventional/generic pieces of furniture to produce comparative results which, in turn provided numerous target benchmarks.

Initially, we focused on replicating structural and airborne vibrations. This was successfully achieved with our unique shaker table design, coupled with vibration meters which provide accelerometric analysis. What then followed was many hours of listening to speaker created airborne vibrations.

Computer simulation and Computer Aided Design were vital part elements of our design approach. We used FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and advanced Motion Analysis software to measure the kinematic and dynamic performance of the rack assemblies when subjected to vibration frequency throughout the audible range. This allowed us to experiment with different materials, geometry and a broad range of loadings to achieve optimum vibration reduction and stability.

FEA and Motion Analysis, simulation images

Audio equipment varies greatly in size and weight. The most difficult challenge we had to overcome was the design of a system that enhanced the performance of the broadest range of components, from small 5kg items through to high-end, 80kg power amplifiers. Our objective was achieved, and we have complemented this success with a column isolation cartridge design which enables our clients to change the density of the isolation shims and, by experimentation tune the rack to the room and optimize the acoustic performance of their systems.

The outcome of our design programme is an audio stand that achieves up to 50% reduction in structure borne vibrations when compared with typical furniture supports. It also reduces the velocity of structure-borne vibrations created by a floor mounted sound source by up to 91%.

Stave SR-100 Audio Stand



SR-100 platforms are precision CNC profiled from European FSC certified, multi layered Baltic birch plywood. Birch which has a high tensile modulus and is very stiff, is often used for turntable plinth designs that absorb and dissipate vibrations at frequencies across the audible range. 

We offer a standard size platform as shown and also provide a custom size platform for a tailor- made bespoke system. Upon receiving details of your audio system and an order acknowledgement, we will create detailed drawings for your approval.

  • Thickness-                     25mm
  • Overall width-              585mm
  • Useable width-             500mm
  • Overall depth-              543mm
  • Useable depth-             *500mm
  • Max. Load-                    80kg


*Allow for cables at the rear of audio component and central column.

Platform Finishes

Our standard finishes are Oak or Diamond black laminates with oiled edges. Custom laminates are available, please contact us.

Support Columns


SR-100 support columns are precision CNC machined from solid aluminium, a non-ferrous material which reduces magnetic effects, and eliminates more ringing compared to hollow columns.

All aluminium parts are anodised with a satin finish, in a choice of silver aluminium or black. There are five standard heights to choose from and we also provide custom lengths.

The SR-100 unique column design provides a high level of isolation and decouples the platforms and subsequent audio equipment from external structural and airborne vibrations.

Each column houses a cartridge system consisting of an aluminium cone/spike as the contact point, complete with an acetal resin piston design. Isolation is achieved with a choice of two different densities of high performance rubber shims, tuned to suit the audio component weight.

Platforms are further isolated and decoupled with a technical grade cork & rubber bolt washer.

This unique design creates a cushioned non-metallic interface between each platform, whilst maintaining a very rigid and stable assembly.


Base columns are finely adjustable by up to 10mm in height enabling precise in-situ levelling of equipment, whilst the platforms are fully loaded.

SR-100 Prices



Base Platform Kit – £475

x 1 Platform

x 3 Adjustable Columns 100mm High with 10mm adjustment.

x 3 Column bolts (top)

x 3 Floor Protectors / Cone Cups


Tier Platform Kit – £435

x 1 Platform

x 3 Columns with a choice of five heights

x 3 Column bolts (tier)

Note image shows base platform (not included with Tier Kit)



Custom Size Platform  – POA

Custom Veneer Colour  – POA



Delivery is typically between 3 & 6 weeks from confirmation of order.





We offer a two-tier approach to audio stands:


  • Standard configurations as shown above
  • A custom-sized platform for a tailor-made solution. Following the placing of an order, if you provide details of your audio system set up we will produce a detailed drawing for our customers to approve prior to manufacture which shows the full system in-situ with specifications and as-built dimensions.


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SR-100 System

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