SR-100 Rack

Precision Engineering you can hear


Modular Design

Expandable to suit system additions


Bespoke Racks

Custom systems tailored to your requirements


Integrated Isolation Design

Unique vibration absorbing column design


Precision Engineered

Designed to reduce external vibrations

Stave SR-100 standard platform size


STAVE AUDIO SR-100 platforms are precision CNC profiled from European FSC certified, multi layered Baltic birch plywood. Birch which has a high tensile modulus and is very stiff, is often used for turntable plinth designs that absorb and dissipate vibrations at frequencies across the audible range.

We offer a standard size platform as shown on the left and we also provide bespoke set-ups. Upon receiving details of your audio system and an order confirmation, we will create detailed assembly drawings for your approval prior to starting the production process.

– Thickness- 25mm
– Overall width- 585mm
– Useable width- 500mm
– Overall depth- 543mm
– Useable depth- *500mm
– Max. Load- 80kg

*Allow for cables at the rear of audio component and central column.

Support Columns

STAVE AUDIO SR-100 support columns are precision CNC machined from solid aluminium, a non-ferrous material which eliminates magnetic effects and reduces high frequency resonations.

Aluminum parts are available with an anodised satin finish in a choice of silver aluminium or black colours, we now offer a natural polished aluminium finish.  There are five standard heights to choose from and we also provide custom lengths.

Platform Finishes

Our standard laminate colours are Black & Grey along with a natural birch finish. Custom laminates are available on request, please contact us.

Audio Rack

Our STAVE SR-100 unique column design provides a high level of isolation and decouples the platforms and subsequent audio equipment from external structural and airborne vibrations.

Each column houses a cartridge system consisting of an aluminium cone/spike as the contact point, complete with an acetal resin piston design. Isolation is achieved with a choice of two different densities of high performance rubber shims, tuned to suit the audio component weight.

This unique design creates a cushioned non-metallic interface between each platform, whilst maintaining a very rigid and stable assembly.

Base columns are finely adjustable by up to 10mm in height enabling precise in-situ levelling of equipment, whilst the platforms are fully loaded.


We offer a two-tier approach to audio racks:


  • Standard configurations as shown above
  • Bespoke platforms for tailor-made solutions. Following the placing of an order, if you provide details of your audio system set up we will produce a detailed drawing for your approval which shows the full system in-situ with specifications and as-built dimensions.

Contact us for advice, prices and availability