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STAVE- premium performance HiFi Stands & Audio Racks

To achieve the very best acoustic performance from your audio equipment, a highly engineered support system manufactured from the very best materials is a must. Resonance diffusion created by a specialist producer is vital for the achievement of overall acoustic purity.

Following an extensive, 3-year product development and acoustic test programme we believe that we have successfully achieved optimum results with an audio stand design comprising precision machined, very stiff shelf materials, supported on solid aluminium columns that, crucially incorporate our unique isolation cartridge system in an attractive support platform package.

Our product development programme achieved up to 50% reduction in structure borne vibrations when compared with typical furniture supports. On test an SR-100 rack fitted with isolation cartridges and loaded with representative audio equipment loads ranging from 10 to 80kg, reduced the velocity of structure-borne vibrations created by a floor mounted sound source by up to 91%. And from the feedback we have received, the performance gains achieved range from subtle to substantial, dependant on room acoustics, positioning and the audio equipment used.

Stave Audio HiFi Stands & Audio Racks are available either as standard configurations or individually created, custom designed constructions that meet the specific needs of audio enthusiasts who demand excellent sound quality combined with high-end aesthetics.


Main features & benefits:
  • A modular design that is expandable to suit our client’s audio system configuration
  • Standard platforms and purpose-designed, hand-built specials tailored to accommodate your specific audio system set-ups
  • Support platforms tuned to attenuate both structure-borne resonances and air-borne sound waves, to achieve acoustic clarity across the audible frequency range, with enhanced low frequency sound definition
  • Stiff and dense, resonance absorbing platforms with a choice of finishes & coverings
  • Precision machined solid aluminium support columns with our unique cartridge design to isolate & decouple audio equipment
  • Micro adjustable base columns for accurate platform levelling with base columns that are finely adjustable by up to 10mm in height enabling precise, in-situ levelling of equipment, whilst the platforms are fully loaded



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